Cindy Tuley – Elite Dog Academy

I'm Cindy Tuley of Elite Dog Academy.  I spent my entire life around animals, especially dogs. My passion and interest in animals led me to a Biology degree from the University of West Florida.  Since then I've worked in animal behavior/training at two AZA accredited zoos with a variety of animals ranging from otters to wolves.   Dogs have always been first in my life, so I decided to make a career change and become a dog trainer.   The positive result that pet training has between owner and dog is priceless. The owner and dog develop a strong bond and relationship once the communication and training are understood. Dogs are our best friends, companions, healers and team mates, and my goal is to help more dogs and people live happily together.   

The training methods I use are specific to the individual dogs since all dogs learn differently.   Training starts with establishing a positive leadership role. A leader shouldn't be forceful or negative, but instead be fair and teach the dog what is to be expected of him or her. To achieve this, positive praise, acknowledgment and encouragement are given to the behavior every time. All approaches are humane, proven, give the dog confidence and a clear message on what is being asked.

I will help you meet realistic and achievable goals that you will set for your dog.   Whether it's training a puppy not to bite or obedience training , my flexible scheduling, private lessons and popular board & train program options will allow us to proceed at a challenging and rewarding pace. Your dog will learn to be obedient and reliable in real world situations.   Soon you will have a good natured, well balanced dog in a relationship that both of you will enjoy everyday!

Elite Dog Academy offers dog training in Tampa, dog training in Clearwater, dog training in Pasco County, dog training in Springhill, dog training in Brooksville, dog training in Land O Lakes, dog training in Wesley Chapel and dog training in Zephyrhills.