Dog Board and Train Tampa

Put Them On The Right Path With Dog Board And Train Tampa Services

When you want to make sure your dog is well trained, but you don’t have the time to devote yourself Elite Dog Academy is here to help. My dog board and train Tampa service provides an intense training experience that will result in a happy, healthier home environment for both you and your dog.

If you’re looking for an intensive, all-inclusive program for your beloved dog, my dog board and train Tampa service will deliver the results you’re after. This program allows me to spend an optimum amount of training time with your dog (generally 2 weeks). The training is full time and your dog receives all of my attention because he/she will be living in my home as a member of my family. There is a limit of two dogs at one time allowing me ample time to train. Since I will do all of the training, it relieves stress from you, your family and your dog. It also allows me to address problematic behaviors and solve them within a matter of days. Your dog will learn in real life environments and go on trips to experience new settings. This part of my dog board and train Tampa service helps increase stability and improves performance. Along with concentrated training, your dog will have fun with lots of exercise and play, inside and outside the home.

The concepts and commands taught are the same as my private obedience lessons, but I do all of the foundation work for you and then help with the transition period when your dog returns home.

During my dog board and train Tampa program, your dog will learn basic manners and obedience which includes: not to jump on people, wait at doors before entering/exiting, sit, stay, heel (walk politely on leash), be quiet on command, down, recall (come) to you on/off leash, long stays in a sit and down, auto sit (sit when you stop walking), finish to a heel and work reliably around a variety of distractions.

The dog board and train Tampa program is suitable for dogs 6 months and older. Your dog is required to be up to date with all vaccinations and be in good health. This program is guaranteed. If you need follow ups, there is no charge.

To find out more about my dog obedience training Tampa services, just contact me directly at (813) 382-6256. It is my pleasure to answer questions about the programs I offer. It is my job to help you and your dog forge a strong and loving relationship built on mutual respect and understanding.