Dog Behavioral Problems

Thousands of dogs die every year as a result of behavior problems that their owners are unwilling or unable to deal with. Once owners lose patience, "problem" dogs are often surrendered to shelters where they receive a death sentence, and dogs with aggression problems are routinely euthanized. The sad truth is how preventable many of these deaths are; with proper training and/or behavior management most problems can be corrected.

Behavior problems can range in scope from minor annoyances like jumping on visitors to severe problems such as biting. Other common difficulties are not listening, door dashing, chewing, barking, begging, anxiety and hyperactivity.  Many behavior problems can be addressed quite easily.

A well-behaved dog is a properly trained dog. By getting your dog off  his/her agenda and getting them to do things your way, you can eliminate almost all behavior issues. But dogs will occasionally still make mistakes. By having your dog trained by Elite Dog Academy, I can show you the proper ways to correct these problems.

All dogs must go through an initial evaluation and consultation before beginning any of my training programs.