Dog Training FAQ’s

As a professional dog trainer I get asked the same questions by most dog owners. Below are the most common dog training questions and answers to those questions:

Q: Why should I train my dog?
A: Your dog looks to you for guidance and leadership. Dogs are pack animals and require a strong leader to follow. They don't want equality; they want rules, and they want to know who the pack leader is. The pack leader provides rules in a consistent, fair and strong manner. If you're not the leader then your dog will try and fill the pack leader position by leading you. Through obedience training you will learn to guide and teach your dog to follow you. Training is essential to having a good relationship with your dog.

Elite Dog Academy FAQs

Friend and Mentor: Martin Deeley
Owner International School for Dog Trainers

Once you start training you will begin to see many changes.  Your dog will be responsive to your commands, you will communicate with your dog in a way he/she understands, you will build a stronger bond and better relationship, your dog will be polite in all settings, and your dog will respect you. Training is about communicating so both of you are happier. Your dog will be healthier, well-adjusted and a companion you can take anywhere.

The training is guaranteed and your dog's unique personality is taken into account as well as your specific goals. Your dog can learn commands when the correct approach is used for your dog's personality. Evaluations help determine the best approach which program's most effective.

Q: How much will this cost?
A: The type of program you choose and the goals you set will determine the cost of training. Your dog depends on you for many things including proper training. Though there is a cost in the beginning, the long lasting effectiveness will prove to be a worthy investment. The effectiveness and advantages of a professionally trained dog are priceless.

Q: How long will it take to train my dog?
A: Owner and dog receive a personalized approach which accelerates the learning process. Basic Obedience and Obedience Plus are in 4 sessions each. The board and train program is about 14 days. Dogs continually learn from their puppy stage into their adulthood. The time spent training in between lessons will also determine how quickly your dog learns.

Q: What is your training philosophy?
A: Each dog requires an individual approach. The training methods I use allow flexibility of balancing positive reinforcement, knowledgeable use of aversions and corrections to each dog. This helps the dog learn the commands without confusion. A leader shouldn't be forceful or negative, but instead be fair and teach the dog what is to be expected of them. To achieve this positive praise, acknowledgment and encouragement are given to the behavior every time. All approaches are humane, proven, give the dog confidence and a clear message on what is being asked.

Q: Do I need to practice?
A: Yes. The reality is that you must work with your dog consistently to have a reliably trained dog. But the practice sessions are short, only 20 minutes a day.

Q: What is your guarantee?
A: Once your dog has completed one of the programs and you continue to practice the lessons your dogs has learned, the training lasts a lifetime. If you have any problems you can contact me at no charge. Consultations and follow-ups with your and your dog will be free for the life of your dog.