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The mission of Elite Dog Academy is to provide dogs and their owners with the training they need to forge better relationships that last a lifetime. To achieve this goal, I work hand-in-hand with owners to ensure that beloved dogs gain the discipline and good habits they need to succeed in a wide variety of situations in and out of the home. My dog training Tampa programs are custom tailored to suit each individual dog’s specific needs.

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While I am an experienced professional, I understand the trepidation dog owners often feel about leaving their best friends in the care of others. That’s why my dog and puppy training Tampa programs include options that dog owners can be present for. I have also put together this page to show owners a little bit about what they can expect during their time with Elite Dog Academy.

When you make the decision to work with Elite Dog Academy, know that you’re getting the best dog training Tampa can provide. I have a degree in biology from the University of West Florida and worked as a behavior/training specialist in two zoos before making the choice to dedicate my life to helping canines and their owners form strong ties with each other. My philosophy of working with dogs and their owners is rooted deep in proven, positive training techniques. As my photos demonstrate, dogs in my care not only receive the training they require but also the love and respect they deserve.

I invite you to browse my dog training Tampa program photos and see for yourself why Elite Dog Academy stands out from the crowd. My collection of shots is broken up to include these categories:

Field trip photos – When owners take advantage of my dog board and train Tampa program, their companions become mine for approximately two weeks. During this intensive training session, I spend 24/7 working with the dogs in my care. The lessons learned include basic obedience, lead training, habit breaking and more. Plus, I make sure to expose dogs to plenty of field activities so they can thrive in and out of the home with the discipline and obedience they need to provide their owners with peace of mind. This album shows some of the dogs I have had the honor of working with on field trips that are part of this intensive training.

Training photos – If you would like to see what I do during a dog or puppy training Tampa session, this is the album to peruse. As you will see, my training is filled with the love, support and respect your dog needs to succeed.

Dog portraits – You love dogs and so do I. This album is loaded with shots of some of my past clients strike poses on and off the lead.

To explore the dog training Tampa programs I have to offer, just contact Elite Dog Academy at (813) 382-6256. I serve the entire Tampa Bay area, including Pasco County, Brooksville, Clearwater and other surrounding communities.