Dog Training Testimonials


POPCORN - Jack Russell

Thank you for helping with Popcorn.  I didn’t think Popcorn could ever be trained. You were very patient when working with her, and with me as well. You provided me with the tools I needed and your follow up was great.  Now that she’s trained, it has made a huge difference in our lives. We can take long walks using the lead, go to parks and visit friends and Popcorn is well behaved. 

Thanks again,
Richie Kopf

TANK - Rat Terrier

Thank you Cindy! Before you trained Tank I couldn’t walk him on a leash without him throwing himself around or get him to come when I called for him. Anytime we took him out of our house, he showed fear towards everything, including other dogs and people. After spending time in your Board & Train program, he walks perfectly next me, comes when called, sits and stays, waits by any door before walking through and best yet, he’s gained his self confidence.

Cindy spent quality time with Tank in order to positively change his behaviors. Her attention and focus is all about creating a happy dog and she wants people to have great relationship with their animals. I’m thrilled to see Tank have the ability to truly experience a quality life and be happy. Cindy has a gentle but firm touch with the dogs and I recommend her to friends and family.

Radiah Dent
Clearwater, FL

LUNA - Toy Poodleluna

“…I want to thank you for your help with Luna. The change is amazing. She transformed from a whiny, attention seeking "baby" to a calm, loving, well behaved dog. Her basic obedience is wonderful.  The rules you have given Luna are helping us too … Wow. She has been responding to "Quiet" to calm her down while we open the crate, put her leash on etc. and she responds to "Heel", "Easy" and then sits while on her walk…” 
“Again, thank you for all your help. You are an amazing woman.”

Adrienne Cardellini
Tampa, FL

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