Most Common Dog Training Problems

Training a dog is a challenging venture. It takes dedication, discipline and a willingness to stick with a very difficult job with lots of ups and downs. When it’s time to ensure the proper techniques are used to benefit both you and your dog, Elite Dog Academy is here to assist. The dog training Tampa programs I offer are designed to help canines and their owners establish strong relationships built on foundations of trust, respect and mutual understanding.

When inexperienced owners try to train their dogs on their own, they may run into a number of common problems. Some of the most frequent problems owners come to me to correct include:

A dog’s unwillingness to listen – This is a very common concern that comes up in my dog and puppy training Tampa sessions. New dog owners wishing to lavish their dogs with love often forget that canines are first and foremost pack animals. While it’s essential to treat a dog with love and respect, owners do need to establish themselves as the pack leader. Through our dog obedience training Tampa sessions, owners can learn how to do this.

Difficulty with potty training – Teaching a dog where to go can be an extremely difficult undertaking. Even with a tremendous amount of patience, owners can run into problems. At Elite Dog Academy, our dog training Tampa program can tackle this issue once and for all.

Problems with leash training – Walking on a lead isn’t exactly a natural behavior for a dog. Teaching a dog to do this with ease and proper obedience takes time, patience and consistency. Whether it’s during a shorter dog obedience training Tampa session or through my two-week program, dogs that are brought to me will learn how to walk on a leash with ease. They’ll also learn all the essential commands to ensure owners maintain control in outdoor settings.

Owner inconsistency – One of the biggest problems that comes up with dog training involves an owner’s own inconsistencies with training. To get a dog to perform certain behaviors on a regular basis, it’s vital that owner are consistent with praise and rewards. In order to break bad habits, as well, consistency is essential. My dog obedience training Tampa sessions help dogs and owners overcome this stumbling block.

Improper technique – Dogs respond best to consistent positive reinforcements for good behaviors. Learning how to put this technique into action is something that takes time and discipline. Through my training program, owners and their dogs will learn the benefits of this type of training.

Overcoming common training problems takes time, discipline and know-how. At Elite Dog Academy, I give dogs and their owners the tools they need to do so. Within a few short hours or weeks in the case of my dog board and train Tampa program, dogs can be put on the right path for a lifetime of good behavior.

To find out more about Elite Dog Academy, just contact us directly at (813) 382-6256. All dogs must undergo an initial evaluation to determine what type of training would best serve.