Dog Obedience Training Programs in Tampa

My obedience training program will provide you control over your dog in a variety of surroundings. It's intended to establish a solid relationship between you and your dog. Obedience training will often solve behavioral issues. For example, if your dog is shy, training often boosts the dog's confidence level. The lessons may take place in your home, neighborhood and field trips to facilitate your dog to learn in new environments and circumstances.  There are two obedience stages: Basic Obedience and Obedience Plus.

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience is a plan to establish a foundation of obedience.  This course teaches your dog fundamental manners and commands. Your dog will learn not to jump on people, wait at doors before entering/exiting, sit, stay, heel (walk politely on leash), and be quiet on command. Other issues such as crate training, may also be addressed if necessary. You as the owner will learn how to be a “pack leader” and develop proper communication with your dog.

Obedience Plus

This course continues the obedience training for those who desire to reach the next stage of getting the most from your dog companion. In proceeding to Obedience Plus, the relationship with your dog grows into a solid bond. During this stage your dog will learn down, recall (come) to you on/off leash, long stays in a sit and down, auto sit (sit when you stop walking), finish to a heel and work reliably around a variety of distractions. You as the owner will introduce hand signals to your dog and continue developing your verbal commands.