Puppy Training Tampa, Dog Obedience Training Tampa

My Puppy Training Tampa Services Get Them Started Off Right

There is nothing more rewarding than bringing home a new puppy to love and join the family. Unfortunately, if that puppy doesn’t receive the proper training early, the relationship can sour all too quickly. That’s why Elite Dog Academy is here to help. It’s my job to provide the puppy training Tampa services dog owners need to forge strong and mutually rewarding relationships with their dogs.

As a lifelong animal lover and experienced dog obedience training Tampa expert, I understand just how difficult puppy training can be for a new owner. To put that another way: It's not the puppy's responsibility to become trained. It's your responsibility to train them in a loving way that builds a family relationship, with training methods that make sense to your little canine student. And, very importantly, you have to start right away.

You want a happy, smart, well-adjusted friend. Your puppy wants that too. If you let your puppy get away with bad behavior for a while, they'll be confused later when you suddenly start to correct them. Starting immediately is key, because just as training your puppy is habit-forming, non-training is habit-forming too.

While it’s certainly true that raising a puppy can be fun, exciting, hair-raising and exhausting, it’s also extremely challenging. The simple reality is puppy training Tampa services are often vital for a successful ownership experience. This is because puppyhood is the most important formative stage of your dog's life. It's worthwhile to take care, learn all you can, and put in some extra effort in those first stressful few months to ensure you start your new dog's life off right. This is where our puppy training Tampa service can step in and help. We provide the expertise you need to make sure your dog obedience training Tampa experience delivers the results you need.

Raising a puppy is a commitment and can be more work than expected. In the Puppy Manners session, I will go over the mental and physical development stages of a puppy and teach you how to appropriately handle them. You will learn how to housebreak your puppy, crate train, easy ways to begin grooming and more. You’ll also learn about the importance of pack structure and how to socialize your pup. I’ll also make sure you’re armed with the knowledge you need to successfully address behaviors such as biting and jumping up, getting used to a leash, inappropriate chewing, dominance, and more. My puppy training Tampa program is designed to help you and your new companion form a solid foundation for future training.

The puppy training Tampa session is suitable for canines age 8-13 weeks. It lasts approximately one to two hours. After the session, I will be available for questions at any time. Plus, you may wish to follow up this session with a dog obedience training Tampa class to make sure advanced lessons are learned as your puppy grows.

The goal of all of my training programs is to provide dogs and their owners with the foundations they need to create better relationships with each other. When a puppy grows into a well-trained dog, it will be a cherished companion that will provide years of enjoyment for its owner. My puppy training Tampa program is simply designed to lay the foundation for a successful and rewarding relationship for both the dog and its owner.

To find out more about puppy training Tampa sessions or dog obedience classes, just contact Elite Dog Academy at (813) 382-6256.