Dog Training Tips

Training a dog is an exercise in love that also requires a lot of patience, consistency and know-how. When dog owners put in their best efforts, they can often build better relationships with their dogs that create the foundation for a lifetime of faithful companionship. Many new dog owners, however, require dog training tips and often professional assistance to get them off on the right foot.

At Elite Dog Academy, it is our mission to provide dogs and their owners with the tools they need to establish successful relationships founded on love, understanding and respect. It’s a simple fact that most dogs do want to please their owners – owners just need to know how to bring out the best in their dogs. Though my dog training Tampa programs, canines and their owners learn proper techniques for enforcing good habits and discouraging the bad ones. It is my intent to provide dogs and their owners with the tools they need to establish a lifetime of good behavior and faithful companionship.

Even when my dog obedience training Tampa programs are taken advantage of, dog owners need to realize that training is something that requires reinforcement. The techniques they and their dogs learn must be reinforced and practiced over time. With this in mind, I have established a few dog training tips I like to share with my clients to help them in their efforts to reinforce good behaviors. They include:

Practice good behaviors – Whether your dog attends my intensive dog board and train Tampa program or just has a few hours of obedience training, what has been learned needs to be practiced. Keep up with reinforcing the commands and rewarding the dog as often as possible. Good habits will quickly become ingrained in your dog’s behavior.

Don’t make exceptions – If you’re working on training your dog to stay off the couch, don’t make exceptions to the rule when you want a good snuggle. Establish your boundaries and stick with them. Dogs don’t understand inconsistencies and the “exception” can open the door to undesired behaviors.

Praise good behaviors – When a dog executes a command perfectly, reward him. Whether it’s with a kind word, a scratch on the head or a treat, do something to let him know you’re pleased. When good behaviors are constantly reinforced, they become part of a dog’s natural actions.

Be firm – It’s not necessary to lose temper, yell or physically punish a dog to undo bad behaviors. It is necessary to be firm in your commands and to withhold praise if an undesirable action has taken place.

Use consistent commands – In my dog and puppy training Tampa courses, dogs and their owners learn certain commands for desired actions. Make sure to use these consistently to reinforce behaviors. Don’t confuse a dog by using three different words for the same desired action.

When it’s time to make sure your dog learns the ropes of good behavior, Elite Dog Academy can help. To find out more about our dog obedience training Tampa sessions, just call (813) 382-6256.